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Urban renewal of 13 Hongs, a historical urban area of Canton


The 13 Hongs is the key area to the larger region because of both its crucial location and great historical value. 13 Hongs served as the only trading port of China in the history. Although the port has moved to deepwater downstream, the gateway significance remains the same. Today, it still has the first viaduct of China, some of the earliest department store, colonial heritage, and monuments of China’s revolutions.
Today we still see the opportunities in 13 Hongs area. Heading north from 13 Hong waterfront, the route pass through most of the old city’s attractions. This is not only a chance to develop a route for Canton’s pending tourism industry but also a chance for old town reboot by developing a mix-used living place that could preserve the authentic typical local culture and custom and benchmark the whole region.

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