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OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2017

Theater City

The site presents a dramatic juxtaposition between the traditional city center and a geometric minimal sports court. It inspires us to think about the relation between life and theater. In Taiwan, there is a large amount of great theater work based on the story of everyday life. To honor the artistic process from life to theater, and to provide a neutral and ephemeral space for the interpretation of the theater, we try to extract the typology of the city and transform into a new layer in the site. The design emphasize on the flexibility and ambiguity of the theater space. The audience is the performer, the performer is the audience. For the tectonic aspect of the design, the light wood structure is easy to construct, reuse, and make less damage to the site; the enclosure is made by curtain of different weight, so that the  windy local weather could become a theatrical element; the theater structure partly connect to the stands, creating several flexible small theater space.

Theater City: Projects
Theater City: Gallery
Theater City: Pro Gallery
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