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Evacuation passage renovation


We believe the potential of the unique evacuation passageway is not limited to commercial and entertainment, but also extra social and ecological value.

As an extremely unique flying mammal, the bat is an important part of a healthy ecosystem. Bats can control pests and sow seeds, help to protect forests and agriculture, and in some areas have become tourist attractions. Due to the increased urbanization and destruction of natural habitat, the population of bats has declined drastically. Providing a suitable habitat for bats in the city remains a primary subject of biodiversity design.

In light of this, the evacuation passageway holds the great potential for providing ideal habitat of bats and other nocturnal flora and fauna because of its tectonics. Moreover, the considerable dimension of the tunnel allows multiple functions and activity in one space. Ecological design can be merged with human space and provide education, research, exploration, and fun. The substantial social value and thrilling spatial experience make it a unique and inspiring place for the sustainable future of Kunming.

The Urban Habitat is designed to fulfill both the need of bat nesting and visitors’ experience. Opening on the ceiling into the garden provides ideal entrances for bats. Double layer corridor for various visitors: upper-level open corridor for exploration and research, lower level corridor with glass wall for the general public and emergency exits. Metal mesh efficiently serves as nesting space for bats. The material is cheap and recyclable. It also generates a unique atmosphere for the passageway. LED light band placed on the inner side of the corridor limits the negative impact on bats while providing light and guidance for visitors.

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