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International Architectural Competition - Finalist

IAP+ office

The NDU emphasizes innovation in design and technology, and the emergence of new technologies and new ideas requires spatial support. IAP+ provides innovation support in the building. Experimental space is introduced, together with flexibility, forming the important part of the concept. Through the cost-effective assembly, prefabricated modular construction, and the large space experimental platform, the building provides a shared space as a technical test field for the NDU.

IAP+, as a display space for new technologies and concepts, provides a platform for enterprises and schools to communicate and promote the development of the design industry. In this headquarter, publicity and communication are emphasized in its spatial design. While ensuring independent high-quality office space, we integrate exhibition space, experimental platforms, and conference spaces into the building. The main walking circulation, combined with public platforms and green plants, promotes a healthy working environment. Dynamic building parts can be demolished or constructed for future use, to achieve a long-term dynamic relationship between buildings and users.

Considering the relatively low building density (35%) of the site itself, it is important to utilize existing site conditions. Considering economics and sustainable development from the structure of buildings and parking facilities will provide sufficient space for the future development of NDU. Climatic adaptation and clean energy technologies help to achieve low energy consumption and emission reduction during construction and use. Emphasis on juxtaposition and the reasonable intersections of different programs in its layout, improve user efficiency, provide visibility of the full design cycle and accelerate production rate.

IAP+ office: Projects
IAP+ office: Gallery
IAP+ office: Gallery
IAP+ office: Gallery
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