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International Architectural Competition - Winning Proposal

Wall Garden

This project locates at Kaiping Tangkou, next to the UNESCO watchtowers area, it is a resort complex integrating accommodation, catering, and shops. The primary starting point of the design is to keep the watchtowers as the most important and dazzling element on the site, while the new buildings merge with the existing ones. In order to extend and integrate the village grid, we proposed a spread-out layout with small volume blocks.
To reiterate the concept of watchtowers, our idea is to have the buildings closed at the bottom and open up at the top. We introduced thick walls to enclose the corridor, and the relationship between visitors and the walls as they travel, visitors’ perceptions of space, architecture, towers, and other visitors are constantly changing. The semi-transparent glass box that protrudes from the site echoes the tower, and the luminous box can also attract visitors to enhance the commerciality atmosphere as the promotion strategy.

Further design will be developed.

​Collaborators: BAI Atelier

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Wall Garden: Gallery
Wall Garden: Gallery
Wall Garden: Gallery
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