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International Architectural Competition - Winning Proposal

Kerava Station Area Renewal

The design of the Kerava station area is based on the goal of creating a connection point between the east and west of the railway line. The connection is threefold: The connection of movement - the station area is a destination in itself but also a transition point between two sides of the city instead of a barrier; the connection of green - the Aurinkomäki park in the west and the Heikkilänmäki museum park in the east will be integrated into a larger landscape structure, station area will accommodate both recreational and ecological green to connect both parks; the connection of program and activity - the station is a natural hotspot of the city, it can stack more social and spatial program for better integration between two sides of the city, to create an urban environment that offers opportunities for economic vitality as well as a place for everyone to thrive in the growing Kerava.

Further design will be developed together with the Municipality of Kerava.

​Collaborators: Ziyi He, You Wu

Kerava Station Area Renewal: Projects
Kerava Station Area Renewal: Gallery
Kerava Station Area Renewal: Gallery
Kerava Station Area Renewal: Gallery
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