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A strategy introducing the Extended Public Transportation Service

The Moving City

Denmark is facing new challenges in the way, people live and participate in everyday life. Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, is also affected by the increase of physical segregation of the different population groups. The social coherence in Odense is being challenged as we experience ever.

In order to create interaction and connectivity between Odense’s different clusters, we need to work with the social and physical constraints related to movement and empower people to fully exercise their right to the city.

According to the argument of Ole B.Jensen a professor in urban theory, the full urban potential of "mobility spaces" – as a public space – is yet to be unfolded: "Mobility spaces are just as much a social space as the old 'agoras'". A place for congregation for social, economical, political and religious exchange in Ancient Greece. Mobility spaces can be therefore seen as public spaces allowing temporary congregation between people. The city becomes thereby a flexible and dynamic system for the segregated communities.

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The Moving City: Pro Gallery
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