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Archicontest Competition 2016 Venice: Artisan School

Vertical Labyrinth

To make a place that reflect and continues the qualities of the ancient city, is the main intention of this art school. A school that meet the challenges of the uncertainties of everyday, a tree which grows from the flat city, a vertical labyrinth.

Vertical Labyrinth: Projects

I do not know if we will recur in a second Cycle,
like numbers in a periodic fraction;
But I know that a vague Pythagorean rotation
Night after night sets me down in the world
On the outskirts of this city. A remote street
Which might be either north or west or south,
But always with a blue-washed wall, the shade
Of a fig tree, and a sidewalk of broken concrete.

—Jorge Luis Borges    


Vertical Labyrinth: Projects
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